It’s all about exfoliation

Chemical skin peels have proven effects when it comes to restoring and rejuvenating the skin.  The VI™ Peel, a respected product in the aesthetics field, offers a non-invasive approach to healthier, younger looking skin with just a little downtime.

Make it an annual event

The VI™ Peel is excellent for those with ethnic skin or sufferers of acne or rosacea. It diminishes sun damage and improves the tone, texture, and clarity of skin damaged by age or the sun. One peel reverses years of damage. The VI™ Peel, a unique blend of ingredients, is affordable and the treatment is painless. For many, the VI™ Peel is an annual event on their skin-care calendar.

The benefits are boundless

The VI™ Peel does not make the skin thinner.  It makes the skin slough old cells.  Once that happens, the skin is prompted to renew itself at a faster rate. The skin actually thickens because it is stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, two very important components for great-looking skin.

Benefits of the VI™ Peel

  • Reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Help to clear acne skin conditions and reduce or eliminate acne scars
  • Stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin
  • Minimize pores

Getting it done

Before the procedure, patients receive plenty of time to ask questions about the peel and aftercare.  Christi Stowers, Aesthetician, makes her clients comfortable in her treatment room then applies the peel.  It’s a painless procedure.  Aftercare is important for chemical peel clients.  Christi reminds everyone not to peel the skin–to allow it to peel on its own; peeling the skin can cause scarring.  Christi sends patients home with aftercare instructions and products.

After the peel, patients are asked to stick with low impact activities for 72-96 hours.  Other than that, there are no restrictions. The patient can expect several days of peeling before the skin is clear.  After that, it continues to repair itself and disperse dark cells. The result is a thoroughly exfoliated skin surface that is firmer and more youthful.

Radiant results

Results of the treatment will vary depending on the individual.  But the clients at Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center find them comfortable and convenient. They provide unparalleled anti-aging results. After the VI™ Peel, your skin will feel toned and look healthy and beautiful.

Combine a VI™ Peel with other services

Lotus Med Spa sometimes combines a VI™ Peel with other treatments such as microdermabrasion, injectables, hair removal, and more. A VI™ Peel, followed by fillers or a laser treatment, is one of the most common combination treatments and is a fast way to make an improved first impression. Both men and women seek non-surgical procedures to restore their youthful appearance without drastically altering their looks, in order to enhance their attractiveness and self-confidence in their social and personal lives, and in today’s competitive workplace and business environment. To learn more about a specific procedure click on a link below.

The VI™ Peel is a product beyond compare.  This product is for all skin types and is great for problem skin. The results are stunning. Call Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center today to set up a consultation with Christi Stowers, Aesthetician. You can have younger-looking skin a week. If you are in the Roswell or Alpharetta area, book an appointment today.

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