Skin care for ‘tweens and teens

Kids grow up fast.  Before we know it, they are teenagers.  Acne, unwanted hair, uneven skin tone, and other conditions can cause low self-esteem and lack of confidence in teenagers.  The drugstore is a confusing jungle of products.  Some of these treatments actually have side effects that make the skin worse.  Christi Stowers, Aesthetician understands teenage skin and loves to share her knowledge about skin care with young people.  As a parent, it’s sometimes best to step aside and let an expert help you select products and treatments that are right for your teen’s skin.  Christi has an individualized approach based on the skin type:

  • normal
  • dry
  • oily
  • combination

Teens have changing needs and questions

Christi is passionate about helping all of her clients look and feel great.  She is especially sensitive and caring in her consultations with teens.  As their bodies change, they have questions and nowhere to turn for honest helpful answers. She addresses the skin problem “of the moment” and also teaches best practices for skin care as teens continue to mature.

The skin-care regimen is important

Many women and men regret not taking better care of their skin when they were young.  Christi teaches teens how to clean their skin correctly. She advises them on product selection to help them avoid aggravating an existing condition.   After cleanliness comes hydration.  Christi know moisturizing is an important component of a good skin-care regimen, and she helps her client choose the right product.  After cleansing and moisturizing, there may be a need to apply products specific to an area of irritation, acne, or clogged pores.  Protecting the skin is the final step in the process. It is a key component in any skincare routine. Sunscreen is vital to both protecting and preserving the skin’s beauty. Christi helps her young clients understand why each step is important, and she is always available to them if they have questions.

At Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center, Christi recommends several procedures for teens:

Christi is an experienced professional who raised a teenager.  She knows that skin conditions can become embarrassing to the point of unbearable for teens. Her medical-grade treatments and products are customized for your teen’s skin.  You and your teen are in great hands with Christi. Clearer skin and/or less hair can make a teen’s life less traumatic.

A testimonial from a grateful patient

One grateful patient, 14-year-old Maddie, said, “My skin was stressing me out.  I had blackheads and uneven patches from a skin condition caused by using scented products. I worried about my skin scarring. Christi taught me how to wash my face carefully using unscented products.  After several dermabrasion treatments, my blackheads were gone and my skin looks great.  I’m also happy to say because of laser hair removal, I no longer have annoying dark hair in all the wrong places on my face.  I’m entering high school confident and happy with my skin thanks to Christi.”

Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center is the perfect spot to take your teen to learn about skin care.  Each individual is different, and it’s important to learn how to take care of your skin no matter what type you have.  Teens have special needs and they keep changing.  It’s important to have expert advice and care to keep it healthy and beautiful.  Call Lotus Med Spa today to make an appointment for your teen.

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