skin care products | attractive woman applying lotion to faceThe holiday season means sharing social time with family, friends, and coworkers. If you are getting dressed up and attending parties and events, it’s important to look your best. Christi Stowers at Rejuvenation Spa in Roswell, Georgia, recommends medical-grade products to make your skin look radiant.

Medical-grade skin products, also known as cosmeceuticals, are superior to over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products in many ways. Cosmeceuticals are topical products available OTC with biological purposes and ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins for skin health. The products sold at Rejuvenation Spa are prescribed by the owner, Christi Stowers, a licensed aesthetician. These products have a higher concentration of active ingredients to penetrate the external layer of skin and treat the deeper layers. Medical-grade products are designed to correct specific skin problems. Their purity and safety are regulated by the FDA.

Medical grade skin care products | Rejuvenation Spa

If you make an appointment with Christi, she will take time to evaluate your skin and discuss your current skincare regime. Since lifestyle and heredity play important roles in the overall health and quality of the skin, Christi will talk with you about changes you could make to revitalize your skin and keep it healthy. Her years of experience and extensive product knowledge allow her to customize and coordinate products and treatments to fit each patient’s skin type and its needs.

While you are out and about, you might want to stop by Rejuvenation Spa to pick up a tube of Clinicians’ Complex Lip Enhancer to tuck in your handbag. This powerful product is formulated to increase the size of the lips and add a tint of color. The formula contains niacin, a vaso dilator and vitamin B derivative that increases blood flow and improves circulation. The niacin provides instant lip plumping that works in 1-2 minutes and lasts for hours. Peptides in the product stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production that will lead to long-term lip plumping if the product is used on a regular basis. This amazing product includes a polymer coating which encapsulates and delivers the active ingredients to the lips. Retinol and vitamin E have also been added to rejuvenate and protect the lips.

Since we’re talking about the holidays, remember, gift certificates for services at Rejuvenation Spa make great presents. Check out the December specials and our menu of services. Give the gift of beauty and relaxation to your spouse, friends, or family members. Nothing says “I love you” more than a day at the spa.

Located in Roswell, Georgia, Rejuvenation Spa proudly serves clients in Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, and Woodstock. Christi Stowers offers Cosmeceutical products of all types. After an evaluation, she will prescribe a professional skincare regime to keep your skin glowing. Contact Christi to schedule an appointment today.

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