Scars from the past

Teenage acne can cause scars.  If you are ready to let go of the past and diminish or eliminate those painful memories from youth, there are a number of effective treatments available.  Heavy make-up can cover scars from teenage acne or other injuries.  If you have minimal scarring, make an appointment for a consultation at Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center to talk with Christi about effective treatments. There’s no need to suffer when there’s help at hand.

The making of a scar

Fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after injury is called a scar.  After a wound, the skin immediately begins healing, and scars are a part of the healing process. Almost every wound that does not heal quickly leaves at least a trace of a scar.

Scar tissue, composed of collagen, forms because during the skin does not heal in its normal basketweave pattern.  Instead, the tissues heal in one direction and a scar is formed.  Most people notice that scars do not have hair follicles or sweat glands and lack elasticity.  They are also not affected by UV sun rays.  High melanin levels and either African or Asian ancestry may make adverse scarring more visible.

Raised, flat, or sunken

Most scars are flat; however, scars can be a sunken area or a raised area on the skin. They form differently based on the location of the injury on the body and the age of the injured person.  There are many types of scars.  The most serious ones should be treated by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who may perform surgery to correct the condition. However, less serious and more superficial scars can be treated in a variety of ways at Lotus Med Spa:

If you are unhappy with your skin for any reason, make an appointment for a consultation.  There are many in-office, non-surgical treatments that could make an incredible difference.  The Spa is conveniently located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and serves those who live in Roswell, Dunwoody, Cumming, and Sandy Springs.

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