Rosacea: red skin and more

Rosacea, pronounced roh-Zay-sha, is a chronic skin condition.  The symptoms of it are facial redness, bumps and pimples, skin thickening and/or enlargement of the nose, and eye irritation.  Blood vessels also become evident as the condition progresses.  Anyone can be affected by this condition, but typically those with fair skin are more likely to get it.

Although rosacea varies in degree from patient to patient, the symptoms are the same; neglecting it is not recommended since it can progress to a severe state.


Like many other skin conditions, rosacea outbreaks can be triggered by stress; however, there is a host of other causes:

  • Foods
  • Heat
  • Medications
  • Beverages
  • Medical Conditions
  • Physical Exertion
  • Skin Care Products

It is important for newly-diagnosed patients to keep a diary of daily activities and diet.  This is the key to understanding the causes of and avoiding flare ups in the future.


There is currently no cure;  however, there are effective treatments.  Typically, a dermatologist diagnoses the problem and prescribes oral and topical medication.

Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center carries a full line a gentle skin care products and sunscreens. It’s important to employ a gentle skin-care routine to avoid flare-ups. Skin-care products should be fragrance-free, and patients should test products before purchasing to be sure they are not irritating.  An experienced professional like Christi can help you select the right products for you.

Medical-grade sun protection should be worn every day to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Overexposure to the sun can irritate the skin.  Wearing a hat when outdoors helps protect the skin too.

Caring for skin affected by rosacea requires a commitment to daily maintenance.  With the right products and targeted treatment, rosacea can go into remission.

Make an appointment with Lotus Med Spa to talk with licensed aesthetician, Christi Stowers, about rosacea.  She will help you choose appropriate and beneficial treatments and products for your condition.

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