dermaplaning | close up photo of beautiful Asian womanGetting rid of your skin’s top layer of dead cells can reveal the smoother, brighter complexion that awaits just beneath the surface. Dermaplaning is an exciting way of rejuvenating your skin by exfoliating that top layer of cells that can dull skin tone and texture. Christi Stowers Aesthetician at Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta in Roswell, GA is experienced in medical-grade services involving skin renewal, and one of her specializations is in dermaplaning and epidermal leveling.

How Is Dermaplaning Performed?

Dermaplaning is also popularly referred to as ‘face shaving’. Christi Stowers Aesthetician uses a 10-gauge sterile, surgical scalpel to gently scrape away the skin’s top-most layer of dead cells. Also removed during the process is fine, vellus hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz. In less than half an hour, dermaplaning is completed, and it’s performed on the face only, avoiding the eyebrows and the nose areas. You can come in to Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta on a monthly basis for dermaplaning. Come before or after work or even on your lunch hour, as there is no downtime involved after the treatment.

Christi will gently stretch the skin as she works on small areas of the face. The feeling is much the same as shaving your legs, but this is the face and someone else, a professional, is doing it for you.

Post-treatment, your skin may be slightly red and sensitive to direct sunlight, so wear sunscreen before going outside again. That’s it. There are no other aftereffects to worry about.

What Dermaplaning Can Do For You

The process of physical exfoliation on your facial area triggers the regeneration of new skin cells. It also allows your skin care products to penetrate your skin more efficiently. Other benefits of dermaplaning are:

  • It gets rid of small hairs that collect dirt and oils
  • It makes your skin look and feel smoother
  • It can reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • It diminishes fine lines for a more youthful appearance

Dermaplaning is also beneficial for all skin types, and the results are instantly visible. In fact, your skin will feel fantastically soft and supple, and your skin will glow with radiance for weeks after the treatment. During the procedure, roughly 20 days of dead skin cells are removed, which is why Christi recommends waiting 20-25 days before scheduling another treatment.

Ask Christi Stowers Aesthetician at Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta about combining a microdermabrasion and dermaplaning treatment in one appointment. Don’t forget to inquire about the medical-grade products that will go along well with your treatments for maximum beneficial effects.

Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta is centrally located in Alpharetta and serves the greater Atlanta area including Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell and Cumming. If you are interested in learning more about dermaplaning and other anti-aging treatments, call us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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