Latisse® for lovely lashes

You can have longer, fuller, thicker and darker upper eyelid lashes as early as 6-8 weeks by just applying Latisse® to your lids. Latisse® is available by prescription only and is available at Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center. The active ingredient in Latisse® solution is bimatoprost, a prostaglandin which prolongs the growth cycle of the eyelash. By extending the hair growth cycle, lashes grow longer, more lashes remain present, and the results are natural, not coated as with sticky mascara or glued on as with extensions or false lashes.

A once daily application is all that is required. This is done at night after cleaning the face, removing any eye makeup and removing contacts. The solution is applied only to the upper lash line and excess solution is blotted. Because the active ingredient affects all hair, it is important to wipe away solution that drips beyond the lash line to prevent unwanted hair growth. Christi Stowers, owner, Aesthetician, and licensed Esthetician, will give you all the necessary application instructions at the time of purchase.

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Candidates for Latisse®

  • Inadequate or sparse lashes
  • Desire for lush natural lashes
  • Those that wish to eliminate cosmetics

Results of Latisse®

The effects are seen as early as 6-8 weeks which include increase in lengths, thickness and darkening of the eyelashes. By weeks 8 to 10, most users have a growth “pop” and by 16 weeks, the full effects are in place. Ongoing use of Latisse® is required to maintain full results. If you stop using Latisse®, your lashes will return to their original condition, although after a full 16 week cycle, some users notice that they can skip 2 to 3 nights per week and still see satisfactory lash fullness and length. Official product use instructions call for every day application. Individual results will vary.

If you want to purchase Latisse® to improve the look of your lashes, stop by Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center and talk to Christi Stowers about your aesthetic goals.  Lotus Med Spa is a popular place to go in Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Cumming.

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