Botox® Cosmetic & facial fillers

What’s the difference between Botox® Cosmetic and facial fillers?

Doctors use Botox® to treat and eliminate wrinkles on either sides of the eyes, the brow, and frown lines between the eyes; and Botox® diminishes the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet that occur with natural aging.  Botox® Cosmetic, a protein, blocks nerve impulses when injected into the facial muscles under the skin.

By blocking the nerve impulses used in making facial expressions, Botox® weakens facial muscles in the treated area and makes them relax.  Once relaxed, the skin flattens and fine lines and wrinkles diminish.

Facial fillers

Facial fillers fill areas of the face that have become relaxed or sunken due to the aging process.  They also add support and contour for fuller, shapelier lips, cheeks, and more. Facial fillers appeal to busy individuals because they are quick with little to no downtime.

Lotus Med Spa offers Juvederm® and participates in the Brilliant Distinctions® rewards program. To learn more click here.

What is a facial filler?

A Doctor injects fillers, which come in a variety of materials, into the depression or crease in a wrinkled area. In general fillers replace volume, which helps restore a natural, rested look. Filler treatments like Restylane and Juvederm can be done in minutes in the office with little downtime and provide a great youthful look right away.

Combining facial fillers with other services

Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center sometimes uses fillers in combination with other treatments. A Botox® injection, followed by a filler and laser treatment, is one of the most common combination treatments. Both men and women seek injectables to restore their youthful appearance without drastically changing their looks.  Interest in fillers has increased because individuals do not have time for surgical procedures.  To learn more about a specific procedure click on a link below:

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