Q. What is an Aesthetician?

A. An Aesthetician is a licensed professional who specializes in the beautification of the skin. Aestheticians are not medical doctors; instead, they perform cosmetic skin treatments such as microdermabrasionVI™ Peelsmicroneedling, hair removal, and much more. Christi Stowers, licensed Aesthetician and owner of Lotus Med Spa Anti-Aging & Skin Care Center, specialized in a variety of procedures for men and women who seek non-surgical procedures to restore their youthful appearance.

Q. Why does Christi Stowers work in tandem with a Medical Director?

A. By law, only a licensed medical professional (doctor), can administer injectables such as Botox®Cosmetic and  Juvederm®. Once Christi determines a patient’s course of treatment, her Medical Director administers a predetermined amount of filler or wrinkle reducer according to Christi’s recommendation. Together, they provide every patient well rounded medical and aesthetic expertise.

Q. Why do you require a consultation for medical aesthetic services?

A. A consultation is important for each patient wishing to receive any type of aesthetic service. Christi Stowers and her Medical Director need to have a good understanding of what each patient is looking to achieve with their treatment, obtain health information, and discuss the possible results of treatment. During the consultation pricing and treatment information is discussed and any necessary forms are filled out and signed by the patient.

Q. What is the difference between BOTOX® Cosmetic and Juvederm®?

A. Both BOTOX® Cosmetic and Juvederm® treat moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles; however, they work differently. BOTOX® Cosmetic is typically used to treat “dynamic wrinkles” that are caused by muscles that contract to make facial expressions such as smiles and frowns. This includes moderate to severe lines between the brows, forehead and crow’s feet. Juvederm® is used to treat “static wrinkles”, that develop because our skin’s natural substances (such as collagen and hyaluronic acid), which provide structure and volume, decrease over time. Juvederm® temporarily smooths moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, such as those around the nose and mouth.

Q. I am interested in improving the appearance of my skin. Can Lotus Med Spa reduce the redness of rosacea, or lighten dark spots on my face? How do I get started?

A. The best way to get started is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Christi Stowers so that she can examine your skin and put together a treatment plan specifically for your skin type or concern. Christi may recommend a combination or series of procedures for maximum results. Afterward, your skin will be brighter and smoother as redness or dark spots fade away. Call (404) 725-5899 to schedule a consultation today.

Q. My teenage child is prone to mild acne. Is there a treatment that will reduce redness,  inflammation, and scaring? 

A. Due to hormonal changes, teenage skin is prone to acne. At Lotus Med Spa, Christi Stowers begins treatment by gently cleansing the skin. Upon assessment, skin will be exfoliated along with a deep pore cleansing to minimize irritation and purge any build up within the pores. Depending on the severity of each patient’s acne, Christi will decide whether microdermabrasion, a VI™ Peel, or microneedling is required. Once treatment is completed, skin soothing products will be infused into the skin to promote collagen growth. Some patients require more than one treatment for optimal results.

Q. If I have blonde or gray hair can I make an appointment with Christi for laser hair removal?

A. Unfortunately, patients with blonde or gray hair are not good candidates for laser hair removal because of the lack of pigmentation in the hair. Laser hair removal requires a patient to have dark brown to black hair so that the laser can absorb the pigment in hair follicles for satisfactory results. Waxing is a better solution for clients with fair body hair.

Q. Will Dermaplaning make my hair grow back heavier and darker?  

A. Many women are often concerned that shaving peach fuzz will make it grow back heavier and darker, but that’s just an old wives’ tale. Superficial vellus hair, clear or white soft fine facial hair, will grow back at the same rate and with the same texture as it was before the treatment.

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