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Clinicians Complex, formerly known as Physicians Complex, provides a thorough regimen for adult skin. Their line of state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products address common concerns such as wrinkles, sun damage and adult acne, providing proven formulations for each step. From skin rejuvenation to environmental protection, Clinicians Complex has your skin in mind every step of the way.

A family owned company with dermatological, nursing and cosmeceutical backgrounds, Clinicians Complex uses only the highest grade pharmaceutical ingredients to protect and restore your skin. With ingredients such as vitamin C-Ester, retinol and glycolic acid, the Clinicians Complex formulations are able to thoroughly rejuvenate the skin without causing damage. Say so long to fine lines, discoloration and problem skin with Clinicians Complex on your side.

Microdermabrasion Cream

Clinicians Complex Microdermabrasion Cream for smooth, clear, healthy skin.

Microdermabrasion Cream is an amazing home care product designed to improve the appearance and texture of skin. This superior medical formulation contains diamond shaped crystals providing for a thorough exfoliation and immediate feeling of silky, smooth, revitalized skin. Microdermabrasion cream helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as clear acne prone skin. It is a great skin prep that enhances the results of other topical skin treatments. This benefit can be seen when used in conjunction with Clinicians Complex topical skin bleaching formulations to help lighten pigmentation. It is ideal for the face, neck, hands and body. Results are amazing and can be seen and felt immediately after each use when used as directed.

  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the appearance and texture of the skin
  • Utilizes diamond shaped crystals
  • Amazing exfoliating results
  • Complements in-office microdermabrasion machine treatments
  • Excellent for use with topical skin bleaching products
  • Effective in treatment and management of acne prone skin

Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer

Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer for plumping lisp.

Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancers are formulated to increase the size and add a tint of color to the lips on a short-term and long-term basis. This formula contains the vaso dilator niacin, a vitamin B derivative that increases blood flow and improves circulation. The niacin provides instant lip plumping that works in 1-2 minutes and last for hours. It also contains peptides, which are amino acids that with continued use will stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid for long-term lip plumping. A research study showed a 13.59% increase of total midline lip and 12.54% increase of total lateral lip at 30 minutes after one application. A special polymer coating has been included, which encapsulates and delivers the active ingredients into the lips.

This product is ideal for use as a booster to enhance the results of lip injections or lip augmentation. It can also be used as a standalone retail product for the patient that does not have the resources or time for lip injections or lip augmentation. To further enhance this formulation, retinol and vitamin E have also been incorporated to rejuvenate and protect the lips.

  • Increases the size of the lips
  • Adds a tint of Almost Nude color to lips
  • Plump lips in minutes with results that last for hours
  • Formulated with a vaso dilator to increase blood flow
  • Peptides stimulates collagen & hyaluronic acid production
  • Long-term lip plumping with continued use
  • Use as a booster to enhance the results of lip injections
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