We all age, but we don’t have to get age spots

As we age, the battle against aging gets a little tougher.  Many people notice rounded, brown or black flat patches on the skin of the hands, shoulders, arms, or face.  Doctors call them solar lentigines and some call them liver spots; but whatever the name, age spots are unsightly.

Excess pigment

When the top layer of skin expands with more pigment and develops what looks like a large freckle, that is an age spot. They result from excess production of melanin, or skin pigment.

Painless and harmless

Age spots can look like cancerous growths, but true age spots are painless and harmless.  There’s no need to treat them. Many people, however, choose to treat them for cosmetic reasons.

Age spots

  • May appear in clusters or individually
  • Are hereditary in some people
  • Can appear in kids but are most common in older folks
  • Are common in individuals with fair skin

Do the right thing

  • Have all spots checked annually by a dermatologist
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun—use sunscreen to prevent age spots
  • Avoid tanning booths

Lotus Spa offers a variety of treatments for age spots:

  • Dermabrasion-sands off the outer layers of skin so new skin can grow
  • VI Peel-burns the outer layer of the off and allows new skin to grow
  • Topical Treatments-medical-grade products used to fade age spots

If you look at your hands, face, shoulders, and arms, and all you see are age spots, it’s time to visit Lotus Med Spa.  There are several effective treatments that can bring back your youthful, clear skin without surgery.  Sun spots are not painful, but they can be unattractive and even unsightly.  Make an appointment for a consultation today.  We are conveniently located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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