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Are you tired of having dry, lackluster skin? The experts at Lotus Med Spa can recommend the right treatment to reclaim the hydrated, healthy skin of your youth. Contact us today for a complementary consultation to formulate a treatment plan specific to your aesthetic needs.

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Meet Christi Stowers!
Owner, Aesthetician, and Licensed Laser Technician

The best career move Christi made was to return to school to become a licensed aesthetician.  She completed her training at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and has continued to refine her expertise by achieving additional certificates:

  • Specialized Certification in Chemical Peels
  • Specialized Certification in Aesthetic Lasers
  • Specialization in Dermaplaning/Epidermal Leveling
  • Certification in Radio Frequency Vein Removal
  • Certification in Microneedling

Master aesthetician

Clients marvel at Christi’s skill and knowledge about skin care and skin rejuvenation.  She has been a practicing aesthetician and business owner for over 15 years.  Christi frequently attends skin-care training courses to stay current on the latest treatments, procedures, and equipment. She prides herself on helping clients choose the right medical-grade skin care products and develop a regimen of treatments to turn back the clock on aging and correct imperfections.

No Matter What your Age or Skin Type, Lotus Med Spa has a Skin Care Solution for You!

Every age has its skin care challenges. It’s important to identify your skin type early and care for it accordingly. There are four basic skin types – normal, dry, oily, and combination.The skin type and basic skin tone change little through the years. Variables in the condition of the skin include sun damage, hormonal levels, and cell turnover.  If you are aware of the effects of these changes, you will be able to tailor your skin-care regimen and visits with the Aesthetician to meet your skin’s needs and make sure it retains its smoothness and tone.

Lifestyle choices and other variables include sun damage, smoking, hormonal levels, and cell turnover.  If you are aware of the effects of these changes, you will be able to tailor your skin-care regimen and visits with the aesthetician to meet your skin’s needs and make sure it retains its smoothness and tone.

Lotus Med Spa offers a wide range of anti-aging treatments and products for men and women. No matter what age you are, it’s time to think about skin care and make a plan to fight aging.  Give Christi Stowers, at Lotus Med Spa a call today.  You can look great at any age. The Spa is conveniently located for residents of North Fulton looking for personal advice and attention on skin care.

Specializing in Special

Christi Stowers loves special occasions. She’s thrilled to work with her clients to help them look their best for events such as weddings, proms, galas, birthdays, anniversaries, and class reunions.  At any celebration, it’s important to have clear, youthful, glowing skin; so after you’ve selected the perfect dress and shoes, call Rejuvenation Spa for a consultation.  Treatments at the spa can make a dramatic difference in unsightly skin conditions:

  • Fade dark spots
  • Erase/diminish redness
  • Shrink pores
  • Brighten the eyes
  • Define and shape cheekbones, lips,
  • Enhance lashes and brows

You can trust Christi to help you look your best for any special occasion!

“Let me start by saying that Christi Stowers, the owner of this business, is an extremely skilled Aesthetician who goes above and beyond.  She has taken my awareness of skin care to a whole new level.  I absolutely love her Microdermabrasions and VI Peels.  They literally leave my skin glowing.  Before every important event, I make sure to stop by Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta and let Christi work her magic.  I highly recommend anyone wanting a high-class spa experience to visit Rejuvenation Spa.”

– Cecile

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“I used to hate my skin. However, now, thanks to Christi, I’m learning to love my face without makeup. Getting on a routine of Microdermabrasions has worked wonders, and I’m always excited to see Christi. She makes the appointment personal and fun!”

– M. Ross

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“My skin was stressing me out.  I had blackheads and uneven patches from a skin condition caused by using scented products. I worried about my skin scarring. Christi taught me how to wash my face carefully using unscented products. After several Microdermabrasion treatments, my blackheads were gone and, my skin looks great.  I’m also happy to say because of laser hair removal, I no longer have annoying dark hair in all the wrong places on my face.  I’m entering high school confident and happy with my skin thanks to Christi.”

– Maddie P., teenage client

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“I have been going to Christi Stowers at Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta for at least 5 years. Originally, I went to her for help with rosacea. I had medicine from the dermatologist, but I needed a series of  IPL treatments to clear it up. Over the years, Christi has introduced me to new anti-aging products and treatments. I trust her completely and value her advice.  I recommend her services to anyone looking for a “serious” approach to skin care. Christi is one in a million.”

– Lisa

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“LOVE the treatment I receive at Rejuvenation Spa of Alpharetta. The space is clean and put together; everything you should expect from a med spa environment. I’ve tried a variety of products, looking for a daily regimen I could afford. Christi was helpful and did not uncomfortably push me into purchasing products I could not afford.  She also runs really great specials if you sign up for Rejuvenation Spa’s email list. Christi knows exactly what she is doing and I am pleased with my outcomes. I would highly recommend Rejuvenation Spa!”

– Jane

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“I’ve been wanting to make some improvements to my facial skin for a while now. A friend told me about Christi Stowers and all about the procedures she specializes in. I went to see Christi for a microdermabrasion and VI Peel. I am very pleased with the results – next is an IPL treatment and microneedling. So glad I found Christi! My skin looks better than it has in years”!


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